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Crackling Wood Candle Wicks- 6" Pre-Tabbed

Crackling Wood Candle Wicks- 6" Pre-Tabbed

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Small Crackling Booster Wooden Wicks are perfect for soy wax and beeswax container, pillar, and votive candles! Eco-Friendly and Clean Burning, these hand-crafted Wooden Wicks are made from fruit trees sourced in the USA from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-Certified Mills. These wood wicks have a fast burn pool formation that translates into excellent fragrance throw, and we love the fact that when burned, they provide a tantalizing crackling sound while producing little carbon buildup, debris, and soot

Melt down all your candle bottoms, or make our own new candles at home with Bees Wax or this Candle Wax Blend

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Please note this wick information is only to provide a starting point for your candle making and is based on our own testing using a variety of containers, pillar molds, dyes, fragrances and waxes. Individual testing is recommended as style of container, mold, addition of candle dye and fragrance can alter the wick size required

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