Our Mission

At plentiFILL, our mission is clear: to drastically reduce consumer waste in the Cowichan Valley. Established in 2022 by founders Krystal Aikman and Stephanie Farrow, plentiFILL is not just a store; it's a commitment to offering low- and no-waste alternatives for everyday household, bath, body, and food products.

Stephanie Farrow

Stephanie Farrow, the co-founder of plentiFILL, brings a wealth of eco-conscious living experience to the table. A 'granola mom' who has embraced sustainable practices for years, Stephanie is passionate about driving positive change. Together with Krystal Aikman, she embarked on the journey to open a refillery in the Cowichan Valley, driven by a shared commitment to reduce consumer waste.

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Krystal Aikman

Krystal Aikman, co-founder of plentiFILL, is driven by a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. Her passion for making a positive impact on the Cowichan Valley led her to co-create plentiFILL with Stephanie Farrow. Krystal's journey towards eco-conscious living started on her family's hobby farm, where she has spent the last decade sharing resources, growing food, and minimizing her overall environmental impact.

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The Founders' Vision

Krystal and Stephanie's vision for plentiFILL goes beyond retail – it's a vision of a community coming together to make a tangible impact on the environment. Their journey from the inception of the idea to the opening of the store in February 2022 reflects their commitment to creating a space where sustainability meets everyday life.