Wax Wrap Bread Bag Set

plentiFILL Refillery & Sustainable Living Inc

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Keeping bread fresh for as long as possible is what this set is all about! Simply wrap bread in the reusable beeswax wrap, place into the reusable cotton bag, and watch as you have fresh bread each and every day! Large enough to accommodate bread of nearly any size.  When not in use together for bread, the Extra Large Beeswax Wrap is great for covering casserole dishes, pies and other large items while the Bread Bag can also double as a large produce bag for items like potatoes, or even as a bag to help organize your clothes in luggage. Beeswax Wraps are made by hand in Victoria, BC. Bread Bags are made by hand in Kelowna, BC.  Set Includes - 1 x bread bag (17" x 14") - 1 x XL beeswax wrap (18" x 14")