Washable Reusable Pee Cloth - Silver Infused


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Are you an outdoorsy gal who likes to go hiking, backpacking, camping, or just walking around in nature? Keeping your environment clean is a must and now there’s an even more sustainable way to do that. Introducing the Reusable Pee Cloth! Designed specifically for women on the go, this pee cloth is equipped with silver particles that kill odors so it stays fresh longer and eliminates any worries of emitting unpleasant smells. It also includes straps for your backpack and hand, giving you a secure grip while using it. So no matter where life takes you outdoors, you don’t have to worry about untidiness ruining the scenery and taking away from mother nature’s glory. Don't worry. Pee-Happy! Great for: hiking camping/campers travel bidet Materials: silver infused bamboo terry + modal fabric Cheaper than toilet paper Environmentally friendly Snaps to backpack Antimicrobial Water resistant outer material (no wet hands) Size: 17cm x 17cm (6¾" x 6¾")

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