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Life Without Plastic

Stainless Mason Jar Lid

Stainless Mason Jar Lid

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We always urge folks to embrace the Mason jar because it's so versatile and can help save a lot of waste. But did you know that many Mason jars come with lids that rust and that have a plastic lining on the interior that often contains bisphenol A (BPA)?

These regular mouth stainless steel lids are a safe, rust-proof, and plastic-free alternative to the ones that come with standard mason jars. They are leak-proof, making them great for packing drinks or food to go. 

These lids are also easier to keep track of because they are a single unit, rather than the typical two-pieces of flat lid and metal ring. 

Please note that these are not meant for canning or processing purposes. 

Additional information:

Dimensions: 7.4 cm / 2.91"

Material: Lid is 18-8 (304) stainless steel and seal is silicone.  

Care instructions: Wash the silicone seal by hand to help it last longer. The stainless steel lid is dishwasher-safe. 

Country of manufacturer: China

Health & Environment: Reusable, recyclable at the end of its life, FDA and TUV certification.

Packaging: Recyclable cardboard box. 

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