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reCap Mason Jar Fermenter Top, 3 Pack

reCap Mason Jar Fermenter Top, 3 Pack

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This is a set of 3 Fermenters that must be used with the reCAP POUR (not included)

The reCAP® Fermenter: the EASIEST fermentation waterless airlock set that ferments and stores fermented foods that are delicious and good for your health. Ferment with both regular mouth Mason jars and wide mouth Mason jars. This tried and tested fermentation solution is simple to use, with less pieces and steps, and better results than traditional fermentation methods and current Mason jar fermenting tools that we’ve tested.

Utilizing the original reCAP POUR Mason jar lids, the Fermenter creates an air-tight seal with the one-way waterless airlock valve and stopper. During the ferment, the carbon dioxide releases through the waterless airlock valve as pressure builds up within the Mason jar. When the fermentation is done, simply remove the Fermenter and the reCAP POUR Mason jar lid turns into a Mason jar storage cap. The reCAP Fermenter is the most multi-functional fermenter available!

The reCAP® Solution

Mason jars are considered the perfect fermentation crock or fermentation vessel. reCAP Mason Jars converts the already popular POUR Mason jar lids into a fermenting tool with our reCAP Fermenter. It is a simple waterless airlock that fits into a stopper. Once the ferment is complete simply remove the stopper, press down the POUR Mason jar lid and it's ready for storage! The reCAP Fermenter can then be used in another fermenting batch. No need to scramble for lids and rings.

EASY - Low profile, Waterless Airlock (no maintenance) & interchangeable between regular and wide mouth Mason jars. Quick Clean Up & Dishwasher safe.

SAFE - Rust-free, BPA-free, Food Safe Plastic. True One-way Valve (allow gases to escape and will not let air in)

DURABLE - An Economical, Multipurpose Solution that will last for many years.

NO maintenance or monitoring required.

How Does reCAP® Fermentation Work?

The reCAP Fermenter uses a legit one-way valve system. Just as it sounds, a one-way waterless valve allows the flow of a gas or liquid in only one direction. This is the purpose of an airlock: to allow carbon dioxide gas to flow out of the jar, and prevent oxygen (or anything else) from flowing into the fermentation jar.

Cleaning Instructions:

Wash with warm/hot soapy water or put in the dishwasher. We recommend letting the water stream through the valve to make sure it is clean.
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