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Paper Leather Everything Bag

Paper Leather Everything Bag

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Paper Leather or Washable Paper is a thick and durable fabric made from 100% paper and fully compostable! Best of all, it is foldable, washable, and tear-free!! The more you wash, the sturdier the fiber becomes!

This big tote bag can hold EVERYTHING for you. Make it your grocery shopping bag, beach bag, shopping bag, or travelling bag. The Everything Bag comes with a standing divider inside to help make the big room more organized. When the divider is not in use, simply lay it flat and use it as extra structure for the bag's bottom!

• Washable by hand
• Foldable
• Water resistant under rain

• Extremely durable
• Magnetic snap closure
• Multipurpose 
• L: 57cm W:13cm H:33cm
• Plastic-free
• Compostable natural material (except for metal)

• Paper Leather: 100% paper made from tree
• Straps: Cotton Webbing
• Bindings: Cotton binding tape
• Embroidery Patch: Cotton
• Buckles: Zinc Alloy Metal

Designed in Canada, Made ethically in China
Paper Leather made in Germany

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