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Honey Clementine Dish Soap - Powder to Gel

Honey Clementine Dish Soap - Powder to Gel

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Dissolves to make a beautifully scented 700ml Gel Dish Soap

- washing dishes squeaky-clean the eco-friendly way!


- Pour the powder contents (24g) into a dish soap container of choice.

- Pour in 500-700ml of warm filtered water. 500 ml will be a thicker gel. Adjust water ratio based on your preferences.

- Gently Shake or stir for 30 seconds

- Leave to thicken and activate for 15-30 minutes.

- Happy Cleaning!


- Sustainable

- eliminates the need to buy another plastic bottle

- Recyclable packaging - Eco-friendly: vegan & biodegradable formula

- Dye Free.

- Creates a thick, sudsy kitchen dishwashing soap

THE SCENT: Honey Clementine captures the fresh, tangy scent of orange peel with rich notes of sweet honey. For best results use warm filtered or boiled water. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not consume. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Ingredients: SODIUM C14-16 OLEFIN SULFONATE, CELLULOSE CM, CITRIC ACID, SODIUM BENZOATE, FRAGRANCE

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