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Genesis Tallow

Genesis Tallow Deodorant

Genesis Tallow Deodorant

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All natural and free from aluminum and baking soda. Made with non-toxic wholesome ingredients like tallow, beeswax, and essential oils. Designed to control odors effectively. For all skin types.

Bohemian Tallow Deodorant is earthy and grounding. Like a nostalgic musky memory that you haven't made yet.

Dreamer Tallow Deodorant is naturally blue from blue tansy oil, fruity, and of the woods. I wonder if we can smell in our dreams?

Optimist Tallow Deodorant is vibrant and refreshing. Some people are just bright, and often falling upwards.

Mystic Tallow Deodorant is aromatic, warm, and full of spice. To the wise, wild watcher in us.To the mystic with more questions than answers.


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