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Cotton Tiffin Carrier, Plum Brown

Cotton Tiffin Carrier, Plum Brown

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Now, it's even easier to take your tiffin with you. The To-Go Ware Cotton Carrier Bag is made of recycled cotton and will allow you to have a hands-free option for carrying your lunch. With an adjustable strap and added insulation, this carrier bag is the essential accessory to keep you good to go. Plus, it has a pocket to hold your utensil set. So if you are riding your bike or the subway, it makes it that much more convenient. The product is woven from cotton scraps collected from recycling sites throughout Ghaziabad, India, then dyed with natural dyes, cut and sewn. The result is this hip, convenient carrier bag made of reclaimed materials kept out of the landfills, creating an even lower environmental impact for your life on-the-go.

Made in India

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