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Charcoal Clay Face Mask

Charcoal Clay Face Mask

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Get ready to pamper your skin with our detoxifying and nutrient rich Clay Face Masks. Made with carefully curated minerals and essentials oils to gently cleanse & replenish for naturally healthy, hydrated  and nourished skin. 

Our 'Charcoal' Clay Face Mask removes toxins, tightens pores, fights breakouts and acne. Bentonite Clay helps remove toxins from your skin while Activated Charcoal cleanses pores and soothes acne. Beet Root stimulates blood flow while smoothing wrinkles and replenishing dead skin cells and Seaweed Powder hydrates and moisturizes skin. Your skin will feel detoxed, cleansed and revitalized after using this Clay Mask!

Certified All Natural | Vegan | Cruelty Freeee

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