Candle Wicks- 6" Pre-Tabbed

Candle Wicks- 6" Pre-Tabbed


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Constructed as a flat, coreless wick, ECO Wick improves burn stability and wick curling. The wick is made of cotton and is interwoven with specially treated paper filaments, which reduces the afterglow commonly seen with paper wicks. With self-trimming capabilities, the Eco Wick allows for a decrease in mushrooming and soot. 

Eco Wicks are best suited to vegetable based waxes and lower melt point paraffin.

The Prepped Eco 6 x 6" tall is recommended for medium container candles 2 - 2.75" in Diameter.

Please note this wick information is only to provide a starting point for your candle making and is based on our own testing using a variety of containers, pillar molds, dyes, fragrances and waxes. Individual testing is recommended as style of container, mold, addition of candle dye and fragrance can alter the wick size required