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Wise Hawk Environmental

Binchotan Style Activated Charcoal Water Filters

Binchotan Style Activated Charcoal Water Filters

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Charcoal has been used for centuries to filter and purify water, now we have taken this unique ability to a whole new level.

Naturally removing chlorine, and chloramines, reducing harmful metals, while releasing bio-available magnesium and potassium that enriches the water and balances the alkalinity.

Resulting in a glass of water that tastes the way water was meant to "Taste"

Our charcoal is small batched, artisan produced. The wood is carbonised by the ancient Nershi process and then further transformed using our "proprietary" all natural (carbon neutral) process that maximizes the size and number of micropores in the charcoals structure

The result is an especially pure form of carbon, with exceptional water purification abilities.

* Zero Waste *Petroleum Free * Sustainably Produced*

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