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Bamboo Collapsible Drying Rack with Utensil Caddy

Bamboo Collapsible Drying Rack with Utensil Caddy

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This two tier collapsible drying rack and utensil caddy will allow you to easily air dry anything from plates and bowls to pots and pans. The utensil flatware holder allows for convenient, compact storage. Can easily be folded away and stored for more counter space.

What’s included: One Collapsible Bamboo drying rack. One Utensil drying caddy. 

Materiel: 100% Bamboo 

Care: Mild household dish detergent with warm water and natural cloth can be used to clean and scrub the drying rack. Pat dry with natural cloth. 

Dimensions: Drying Rack: Height: 9” Width: 11” Length: 17.5” Weight: 1.15lb 

Environmental Fact: The drying rack will offer you an easy and safe way to dry dishes and will last you decades. Let’s get away from mildew prone plastic drip trays and switch to this naturally antibacterial alternative.

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