Recycling Questions?  Let's find out together! Q&A #2

Recycling Questions? Let's find out together! Q&A #2

We recently launched a new program with our 'Recycling Wizard' Leah at the CVRD.  You send us the tough questions and she'll provide the answers, straight from the source.  Because we're of the belief that if one person has a question, odds are good others do too, we will be sharing these conversations in our blog as well as on our social media channels. 


Have a question?  Feel free to email it to, or pop by and fill out a form.


Question #2:

What happens to the overwrap plastic we bring to the Return It centre, what does it get recycled into? 

Response from Leah:

Flexible Plastics are shipped to the lower mainland and processed at Merlin Plastics. The plastics are shredded and pelletized and made into new plastic packaging and products. For a comprehensive overview of the Flexible Plastics category, visit the Recycle BC website:


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