12 Months to Zero Waste - May - Valley Voice 2024 Community Challenge

12 Months to Zero Waste - May - Valley Voice 2024 Community Challenge

12 Months to Zero Waste- May

May is all about Moms! Sunday, May 12 is Mother’s Day- a day to celebrate all the moms, nanas, surrogates, and motherly figures in our lives. Let’s explore a few ways to show these amazing humans how much we appreciate them, while still being mindful of consumer waste and impact.



At-Home Spa Day:

Did you know that we offer a selection of raw ingredients to make your own bath and body products?  We can help you create customized botanical bath salts, clay face masks, rosemary hair and scalp treatments, body oils, custom diffuser blends, and even candles.  You set your budget and we’ll walk you through assembling a beautiful one-of-a-kind Mama relaxation kit.  Bonus points if you get creative and bring in your own reusable containers, think about all the beautiful jars and bottles you might already have at home! If not, we’ve got you covered with recycled or new container options.


Monster Mama Candle:

If your ma is anything like me, they’ll have an abundance of unburnable (or almost) candle bottoms kicking around.  If you think about it, they likely bought all of these candles because they enjoyed the smell of them.  Take stock, if you find enough, these can easily be salvaged and combined to make a new candle that not only blends all the scents they were drawn to but also fabulously reduces waste!  Stop in to pick up a new wick (it’s like $1!!), and using caution, simply melt and strain all the wax into one vessel.  Let it set up and just like that you have a brand new, waste-busting, one-of-a-kind Mams candle!


Wildflower Seed Bombs:

This quick and easy project is great for all ages and can add some spring colour to the world!  Start by shredding newspapers, cardboard, matte-finish flyers, or any decomposable paper products fairly fine. Add just enough water to make it pliable and moldable, not too much or they won’t be dry in time for the big day.  Now add in some powdered clay (available in our DIY section!), and a bit of food colouring if you choose.  Then, mix in a packet of seeds and form 1-2” balls (or heart shapes if you’re fancy) and allow to dry in a sunny spot.  Once they’re hard, just toss them anywhere you need a splash of colour and watch them grow.  Now Mumsy will think of you every time they stop to smell the flowers.



Remember, not all gifts can be wrapped… think outside the box (or flower department).  By taking the time to plan a special day and being present with the ones you love you can create lasting memories that are absolutely priceless (and wasteless!!!).  Here’s a quick list to get you started:

- make brunch in bed or treat them to a restaurant (ahem, Brunch on 3rd is AMAZING, just saying)

- an afternoon of boardgames and laughs at The Fort Café in downtown Duncan

- a nature walk with birdwatching at Somenos Marsh

- cooking, art, or dance classes together

- a concert or play at the Cowichan Theatre

- get a pedicure together at Matisse Day Spa in downtown Duncan

- ice cream and a sunny stroll through Cow Bay (Udder Guys ice cream? Yes please!)


I promise you- Mama will remember this time for years to come, do you think they’ll remember the plastic-wrapped bouquets that died in a week?  Get creative; it doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate just intentional and thoughtful. 

Added bonus: by spending your time and money locally, you’re also helping other SuperMoms (and Dads), support their families and community….  What a GIFT!

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