Replacement Head for Bamboo Dish Brush - Small

Life Without Plastic

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This is a plastic-free replacement head for the small bamboo dish brush. Once the head on your small dish brush is getting a bit too tatty to use, spin it off and pop on this replacement! This is a great alternative to plastic scrubbers and it keeps your brush lasting longer, meaning less waste headed to a landfill. Plus, it has a super clean end of its life as it is 100% plant-based, so it can be composted or even tossed in a campfire. 

Additional Information

Material: Handle is bamboo. Bristles are sisal (a perennial succulent).

Care instructions: Shake off excess water after use and allow to dry thoroughly to help the brush last longer. If you have a natural wax or wood balm, feel free to coat the handle to keep the wood lasting longer. 

Country of origin: China

Health & Environment: Plastic-free, BPA-free, replaceable, compostable