Limited Edition Terracotta Candle

Limited Edition Terracotta Candle

Tofino Soap Company

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You'll love this season's limited edition scent if you're into:

 Patchouli, Sandalwood & Dreamy 70's Vibes

A rich and sophisticated modern take on the original free spirited scent of the 60’s and 70’s , inspired by the bohemian. the nonconformist. the flower child. 

The Terracotta Collection vessel is individually handcrafted By local artist Karla Strickland.

Once you've enjoyed your candle, simply wash it with warm soapy water, the terracotta container can be used for tea, coffee, use as a planter or to store your cosmetic brushes.. or anything you'd like!


**Every season Tofino Soap makes just 50 - 100 of a new limited edition scent**