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Hotsoy Microwaveable Lavender & Soybean Heat Packs

Hotsoy Microwaveable Lavender & Soybean Heat Packs

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Introducing Hotsoy Microwaveable Soybean Heat Packs handmade by my mother-in -law in Nanaimo, BC!

Made from organic cotton and filled with soybeans, these handmade microwaveable heat packs are designed to soothe tired and aching muscles, relieve tension, soothe cramps or can be used to simply keep you warm and toasty!

When used cold, Hotsoy packs can be used to reduce swelling, provide some relief from headaches or migraines or can help to cool you down on a hot day. 

Filled with dried lavender buds, these soy bean filled bags relive stress and provide a soothing aroma that will make you feel calm.


Heat: Place in microwave, heat for 30- second intervals until desired temperate is reached. Depending on microwave settings and strength, approx. 4-6 minutes. Please take care when using and heating your heat bag that you do not overheat.

Cool: Place in fridge or freezer until desired temperature is reached. 20-30 minutes is recommended. Place pack in a zip lock bag to protect against moisture.

Product Information

  • Handmade in Nanaimo, BC, Canada
  • 12" x 6" x 1"
  • Do not machine wash, spot clean only
  • Made from organic cotton, soybeans and dried lavender buds
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