Cotton Strainer Bags - 4 Pack for Nut Milk & Tea

Net Zero Co

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The perfect nut milk bag for any health nut.

These food-safe cotton strainer bags feature a superior built-in double stitching to squeeze out smooth liquid and leave solid contents (pulp, tea leaves) behind. They serve as the perfect nut milk bag, cold brew bag, and reusable tea bag for someone who cares to leave single-use plastics behind.

  • Pack of 4 strainer bags
  • Bags measure:
  • 2 of 4 x 6in / 10 x 15cm: optimal to strain loose leaf teas, spices in broth 
  • 8 x 10in / 20 x 25cm: perfect to use as a cold brew or juice strainer bag
  • 12 x 12in / 30 x 30cm: great to use for bigger batches of nut milk straining