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The Copper Het

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Our refill pucks are 7cm (2 3/4”) in diameter and will fit most lathering bowls, including our aluminum tins.

We make our soap with all natural ingredients and essential oils that respect both the planet and our skin. Our soap is moisturizing, clean rinsing, and beneficial for all skin types.  We’ve formulated this shave soap to lather exceptionally well, protect your skin and last longer than aerosol cans of shave gel.

Lumberjack: A woodsy, tobacco scent, this soap may invoke images of wood chopping and pipe smoking! We’ve mixed cedarwood and sage essential oils for this one and while some people prefer a more mild scent, those who like the Lumberjack rarely use any other scent.

Twisted Lime: This mouth-watering citrus soap will wake you up and refresh your skin!  We’ve paired lime and tea tree essential oils to create a soap that’s gentle on all skin types but also has antiseptic properties. 

Bay Rum: Bay Rum, originally hailing from the Virgin Islands, has a history as both an after shave and remedy for a variety of ailments, and is one of the most traditional scents associated with wet shaving. Our take on bay rum includes essential oils of bay leaf and cloves, giving it a herbal yet sweet and spiced scent.

Unscented: well, it's unscented.

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